Born from boredom.
Growing from demand.

HotRedHed started in early 2021 as an experiment to kill time during the lockdowns brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic that was dominating the world stage, noticeably so in my home city of Naarm | Melbourne.

After researching how to ferment chillies for close to a year - reading articles and forums, learning the pros and cons of different methods, looking up different equipment - the theory was fast-tracked to practice when I was given a few kilograms of red and green cayenne chillies. I bought myself a fermentation jar and some vegetables and, four weeks later, the first HotRedHed sauce was born.

Sharing the first batch with my chilli-loving friends resulted in strong reviews, so I quickly kicked off the next experiment, getting a little more adventurous with ingredients. The response was again positive, and that's when I decided to invest more time, effort and money in making quality small-batch hot sauces. Now, with ten unique sauces in varying heats under my belt, it's time to share the love with everyone else.

So, pick your poison and enjoy the funky heat of HotRedHed fermented hot sauces.