I have been fortunate enough to interact with musicians of all calibres — from local artists to internationally-acclaimed bands — through many of my positions within the music industry - from band & event management to working at venues in various capacities - but my deepest interest has always been in the music journalism field.

While I haven't ever taken up formal training, I have made my way and improved my work as the years have gone by. It is something I genuinely love, and I intend to continue until the bitter end. Below, you'll learn about my experience and see a list of several of the artists that have featured in my work.

- That Red Guy



My first foray into the music journalism was as a guest co-host on digital radio show, Cradle, on RadioLive in 2012. I was invited to join as a permanent co-host after filling the seat as a guest for a few weeks, which gave me firsthand experience in the workings of live radio. Shortly after stepping away from the Cradle co-hosting role, I took on the new challenge of hosting my own slot under The Pulse.

The Pulse

From 2013 to 2014, I was the host, producer & editor for a radio show called The Pulse on digital radio station RadioLive. The show was focused primarily on Melbourne's rich and diverse music scene, and it allowed me not only to interact with some of the phenomenal talent that Melbourne has to offer, but expand both my knowledge and interest in an expansive collection of musical genres - many of which I'd not experienced prior.

The Pulse
Overdrive Magazine

Overdrive Magazine

In 2015, until 2017, I took up a position reporting on the punk, rock, alternative and metal genres for Overdrive Magazine, a digital publication from Octane Entertainment. In my time at Overdrive, I held positions as a Senior Contributor, Content Editor and Social Media Manager, but it was as an Artist Interviewer where I felt most at home. It offered me the opportunity to expand from my local scene to chatting with artists from all over the world, which was a major step forward in my career.

Artists & Bands

Below is a list featuring just some of the artists and bands I've had the good fortune to speak to in my capacity as interviewer for the above publications. This is by no means exhaustive list, but a decent cross-section of artists I've worked with.

  • Andrew W.K.

  • Ash Grunwald

  • Caravãna Sun

  • Dead Sara

  • Electric Mary

  • Heaven The Axe

  • (hed)PE

  • I Am Duckeye

  • Jeff Martin (The Tea Party)

  • Khemmis

  • King Parrot

  • Kingswood

  • Loon Lake

  • Marmozets

  • Ne Obliviscaris

  • Northlane

  • Osaka Punch

  • Sydonia

  • The Butterfly Effect

  • The Living End

  • Tony West (Blacklist Union)

  • Twelve Foot Ninja

  • Violent Soho

  • Weezer

  • Zeal & Ardor