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About the host

Podcast host extraordinaire, That Red Guy, has an extensive background in both music journalism and the music industry as a whole, previously being at the helm of a weekly online radio show (The Pulse on RadioLive) and later writing for a heavy music publication (Overdrive Magazine), both of which allowed him to hone his skills interviewing musicians for audio and print.

Prior to this – and to the current day – he has worked alongside bands, both local and internationally-acclaimed, in the forms of band management & consultancy, event management & promotion, live venue security, and even briefly playing in bands himself. He has a deep-seated and lifelong passion for music, predominantly at live gigs, where he often finds himself shoulder-to-shoulder with other music fans in venues throughout Melbourne.

It is this ardour for the music industry that sparked the idea for Access All Areas. The concept was born of the hunger for something different than the talk of albums and tours, which tend to be time-focused and can become outdated when looked at down the line. Mystery surrounds some rarely-discussed aspects of the industry, and the opportunity to lift the veil is an enticing prospect that Access All Areas is keen to explore.

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