The Trapeze

The story of Thick Line Thin Line

The Trapeze is an exclusive opportunity to learn about the history and exploits of Melbourne alt-rock five-piece, Thick Line Thin Line.

Tune in to the podcast and join That Red Guy as he sits down with Adam, Benson, Cam, Chris & Josh to hear stories about the previously secret origin of the band, the hours spent in studio and on stage, the highs and lows of life's trapeze, what they got up to in the void, and where they're heading now.

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The experience of recording The Trapeze was deeply profound, positively illuminating, and at times completely unexpected. I could never have predicted the paths we travelled together, nor intentionally navigated the conversation down some of the rabbit holes we ended up in.

This time, it's not easy to be so miserable. You can read my thoughts on the adventure we shared by clicking the red button below.

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