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The Access All Areas podcast has been postponed due to COVID-19 limiting, well...everything.

It is in process, though, so don't fret! Watch this space (or Instagram or Twitter) for updates.

If you'd like to enquire about taking part, please get in touch via the button below.

(NB: podcast guests must be established touring musicians for thematic reasons)

Access All Areas is a new musician-focused podcast – hosted by Loosely in Disguise’s own That Red Guy – that steps away from the usual interview topics of upcoming tours and new albums, pulling back the curtain and heading backstage to talk about the deeper, more personal moments that have somehow affected the way that they approach their music.

The stories shared can be happy or sad, funny or devastating, embarrassing, uncomfortable, or anywhere in between. What matters most is that the accounts are a poignant way to allow the fans a rare glimpse into how the musician got to where they are as an artist.

  • Did a tragedy almost cause them to quit music?

  • Did a chance encounter inspire them to shift their focus?

  • Did something mind-bending happen to them on tour?

Whatever the story, Access All Areas is the platform on which to tell it. It is an opportunity to dig deep and talk about something that wouldn't otherwise reach the public. The anecdotes shared will often be raw and emotional, but also cathartic expressions of their humanity, proving to fans that the artists they hold in such high esteem are people too.

So, grab your laminate from the tour manager, head through the stage door and join us on the green room couch as we chat with musicians about what really makes them tic…

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